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Stream Rory Indiana’s ‘Ruling Class Crooks’ EP in full

Rory Indiana release their new EP ‘Ruling Class Crooks’ tomorrow. That’s Good Friday. Which means it’s a very good EP. Otherwise they’d be breaking the trade descriptions act.

That’s definitely how it works, right?

Anyway – as proof of its quality, we’re letting you stream the whole thing right now, because we’re just like the Easter Bunny of music, minus the chocolate. We’re not sharing that.

“Ruling Class Crooks is a look into a very exhilarating time for our band,” Rory Indiana explain. “It’s a big step up from our previous efforts and we see it as a big milestone for the four of us. It’s super exciting to be releasing it, we are all incredibly proud of it and can’t wait for people to hear it! We’ve put everything we’ve got into these four tracks and are over the moon with the outcome! It will take you on a journey.”

Please note, Rory Indiana are not offering you a lift. They mean a musical journey. Inside your head.

Stream ‘Ruling Class Crooks’ below.

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