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Stream Petrol Girls’ very good new EP ‘Some Thing’

Petrol Girls are releasing their new EP next Friday (19th February). You could wait patiently or you can dive into the entirety of ‘Some Thing’ below. Yeah, thought as much.

‘Some Thing’ is being released by Bomber Music (UK), Laserlife (EU) and Panic State (US).

Speaking to Spark, the band’s Ren Aldridge explained, “Songwriting is part of how I develop political ideas. They are coming from an honest, emotional place, and tend to be a really loose collage of ideas that anyone can approach in different ways. We wrote ‘Slug‘ (first track on our new EP) back in January and to me then, my lyrics for it were all about depression.

“Now though, they’re all about the camp in Calais. The chorus lyric – which Joe came up with actually – is “these are the walls these are the words, I can see them forming blocks around my days.” Depression turned into borders. That started a whole new train of thought for me. There are loads of different aspects to being in a band. In some spaces, the very act of me and Liepa getting on stage as women feels like a kind of activism – though that is getting less common.”

(Photo – Al Simmons)

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