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Stream Foxing’s sparkling new album ‘Dealer’

Foxing are releasing their incredible second album ‘Dealer‘ this Friday (30th October), via Triple Crown Records. The US got to hear the album over the weekend and now it’s your turn. Listen to ‘Dealer’, exclusively on Upset, below.

The album, lush and insular yet setting its sights on a much grander, emotional prize, is very different to their debut. But that was the point.

“We could have easily written another record that sounds like ‘The Albatross’,” admits bassist Josh Coll from his home of St Louis. “A lot of people probably want that but you have to be true to yourself. You have to do what satisfies you as a creative person. People are drawn to other people making decisions based on their own creative tendencies and not basing decisions on crowd sourcing of what they think people want to hear. We had to make something we were really happy with. I think that is what anybody who writes should be trying to accomplish. Everything else comes second.”

For more on Foxing make sure you check out the November issue of Upset (out Friday) for a big ol’ interview with the band. Pre-order it here.

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