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Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis teams up with Lizzo for ‘Basement Queens’

Speedy Ortiz‘s Sadie Dupuis, under the new guise of of Sad13, has teamed up with Lizzo to record a new track.

Basement Queens‘ was recorded as part of a Google-sponsored project that challenges two artists who have never met to write a song together using Google Docs. Below is a video showing exactly what happened and you can listen to (and download for free) the finished track here.

Sadie has a history of wanting to inspire others to create. “Usually I’ll be selling our merch because we want to meet the people coming to our shows and find out what they’re about,” she told Upset last year. “I like hearing about people. There are friends I’ve made just from people who came up after shows. They tell us, ‘Hey, you guys came through here a year ago and there weren’t any bands with women in our scene, so now we’ve started a three-piece that’s entirely compromised of women. Maybe we can play with you in a year when we’re ready?’ I tell them to send me their demo immediately. That’s exciting, that’s the most gratifying part of this.”

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