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So Pitted announce debut album ‘neo’

So Pitted have signed to Sub Pop Records and will be releasing their debut album ‘ neo‘ February 19th 2016.
The first track to be yanked from the record is ‘rot in hell‘ which you can check out below.

“One of my friends says we’re ‘louder than Nirvana,’” says Liam Downey. “And we are subjected to grunge by default but it’s not that bad. Mudhoney is cool but Tad is rad. I see us as another spinoff of new wave music. I love Devo. I don’t think any of us are into one style, we all have our conventions, we’re all really snobby artists but at the same time we’re normal people who listen to Backstreet Boys because it’s what we heard growing up. We just want to be genuine and admit what we like and don’t like. The band is the people, and we’re always changing so much.”

“It’s everyone’s band,” adds Nathan Rodriguez, “and we have the same role of support and voice for each other.”

The three-piece don’t stick to one place within the band, with both Nathan and Liam swapping instruments and singing while Jeannine Koewle plays her guitar through a bass amp.

Ruddy punks.

That all sounds ace, right? Well you can preorder the album here. The band are off on tour with Metz and Bully in the US but stay tuned, there’s UK dates coming.

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