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Slingshot Dakota unveil another new track from ‘Break’

Following the release of ‘Paycheck’, Slingshot Dakota have unveiled yet another new track from upcoming album, ‘Break’.

The song is called ‘Lewlyweds’ and about moving into a new apartment and being greeted with, er, ‘bed bugs’.

“We opted for a cozy third floor apartment because it was super cheap and we could tour without worrying about how we’d pay our rent. ‘You get what you pay for’ is the motto that became way too real for us, and although we actually liked our little spot and our landlord was sweet as pie, one tenant made it impossible to live there,” ‎Carly Comando told NPR.

“Not that our neighbor was a bad person, per se, but his actions literally drove us to the point where Tom [Patterson, drummer and husband] almost checked into a mental hospital.”

“We have our sanity [though] it took six months after moving to feel ‘normal’ again and we only just started setting up and decorating our apartment as a married couple,” she continued.

“It’s a shame — we went insane because of the actions of one person. But we moved and now live in a better home, with an equally wonderful landlord, and we can finally enjoy our marriage without sacrificing our mental health. And God does it feel good!”

‘Break’ is due for release on 11th March.

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