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Say hello to Loa Loa and their ace debut track ‘Landslide’

Introductions are never easy but Loa Loa have made it look effortless with their swaggering entrance into musical reality. or something. Basically, they’re a new band, this is their first track and it has no right to be this good. Check out ‘Landslide‘ below. It’s a snarling, swaggering, off-kilter pop-banger and you’re going to love it.

The three-piece, formed of a shoe salesman, a van driver and a marketing intern from Brighton, take their name from an eye worm which, according to the bands Josh Rowley, is their spirit animal (but don’t Google it.)

“Landslide is about that awkward moment when you have a normal happy life and then that abruptly stops and it turns into a right fucking nightmare. Then you live in that nightmare long enough for it to feel normal but you struggle to do day-to-day things and end up resenting everyone / everything,” explains Josh. “We chose this as it probably gives the clearest idea as to what we’re about; a bit discordant, something you can shake your hips to and ultimately a pop song.”

The band want people to take away, “a desire to listen to it again and again and to lead a life pure and true.” With a debut album on the way, some shows penciled in and some more Big Pop Bangers in the pipeline, Loa Loa are definitely worth keeping an eye on (which is probably the point).

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