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Sauropod stream debut album ‘Roaring At The Storm’

God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat man. Sauropod inherits the earth.

Or something like that, anyway.

With their debut album ‘Roaring At The Storm‘ out this Friday (22nd January) Sauropod have given into their impatience and are streaming the record in its entirety, exclusively on Upset. Check it out below.

The record was produced by Hasse Rosbach at his Albatross studio in the band’s hometown of Oslo, Norway but the writing happened outside of that environment. “We’ve never made songs in the studio or at the computer like a lot of songwriters do, we try to make them work immediately in the room we’re playing in,” explain the band before conceding, “Of course that’s probably what any rock band does.”

But ‘Roaring At The Storm’ doesn’t sound like any old rock band.

The band describe the record as “noisy, melodic,frantic & euphoric” which is so on-the-nose we’re worried about our job. From the direct opening of ‘You and Me Should Leave Together Tonight‘ through the ominous sci-fi growl of ‘Winter Song‘ to the colossal ‘Sunny Day‘ and beyond, ‘Roaring At The Storm‘ is a wonderfully eclectic record that still demands an urgent forward momentum.

Fugue‘ sounds like The Vapors at Hallowe’en while closing track ‘On The Hill‘ is a grown-up fairytale. Sauropod tumble between threat and allure with little regard for any semblance of the rules but the record is so bold, so big and so tied together with a sense of chemistry that ‘Roaring At The Storm’ is never anything less than sublime.

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