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ROAM release new track ‘Hopeless Case’

ROAM have their debut albumBackbone‘ out on January 22nd 2016 and, following on from absolute banger ‘Deadweight‘ the band have released another stomper. Check out ‘Hopeless Case‘ below.

Explaining the video guitarist/vocalist Alex Adam says, “The idea behind the Hopeless Case video was really a play on the chorus lyrics ‘You lose this time’ – we thought it’d be fun to shoot a backroom style poker game and incorporate footage from Vegas and the surrounding desert. The song is really about false pretenses. Once we’d decided on our characters we went all out on the costumes and just had fun with it. The desert scenes were actually shot in a place called Fire Valley national park on top of a natural arch which was definitely a highlight.”

The band have also detailed a cosy little hometown show to celebrate the release of the album. Taking place Saturday 23rd Jan 2016 at Printers Playhouse in Eastbourne, the show is 100 capacity and tickets go on sale tomorrow (Tuesday 15th December).

““We wanted a change from the EPs,” Alex Costello recently told Upset. “We want to develop as a band, improve our sound and songwriting. So we ventured into listening to all types of music analysing structures, transitions and chord progressions. We wanted to write bigger songs and I think we have done.”

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