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The Potentials slay with their ‘Potentials Theme’

Buffy The Vampire Slayer was brilliant TV. Everything, from the theme tune to that all those life lessons, was smart, funny and entertaining. We miss it everyday.

Enter The Potentials, a Buffy-themed punk band from London who take that spirit of adventure and make it shine.

Not just filling a void, The Potentials stand tall all on their own. Despite the band basing everything around Sunnydale, their music is still drenched in reality. They’re releasing their second EP, ‘We Are The Potentials‘ early next month but for now you can check out the first cut, their ‘Potentials Theme‘, exclusively on Upset.

‘We Are The Potentials’ is out August 8th via Keroleen Records and is available to preorder now.


Go and see The Potentials live, yeah?

13 JT Soar, Nottingham – Queer Fest Nottingham
14 Vegbar, London*
15 The Mothers’ Ruin, Bristol*
16 Fuel, Manchester*
17 Little Buildings, Newcastle*
18 Dusk, York*
19 Wharf Chambers, Leeds*
20 Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield*

*With FOMO and The Whatevers

Photo: James Robert Birtwhistle

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