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Petrol Girls threaten to blow up with ‘Deflate’

Petrol Girls are set to release their debut album ‘Talk of Violence‘ next month which is exciting stuff. The band have never been afraid to tackle big topics and they do so with an unwavering sense of conviction and an ear for an incredible tune.

Following on from the pointed finger of ‘Phallocentric‘ comes ‘Deflate‘, a song of reflection, frustration and forward motion. Check it out below, exclusively on Upset.

“Deflate is mostly about bursting big egos so that their owner can see past them again,” explains the band’s Ren Aldridge. “The end lyrics switch to ‘I want to stick a pin between my eyes’ because I really feel like any of us can get blinded by our own egos, and for me personally, most of my anger gets redirected inward. I’ve seen so many things get fucked up because of individuals – often men – making things all about them and not thinking about how their behaviour affects other people. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the difference between acting like you’re doing something and actually doing it, especially now social media dominates so much of our lives. I guess I just feel like it’s always worth reflecting on our motivations for doing stuff, especially political activities.

“The song grew out of an acoustic song I wrote years ago for my other band Feralus. This was a really strange writing process for Petrol Girls because we began with vocals and drums. I had a really clear idea for how I wanted the vocal rhythm to be and Zock built the drums up around that before the others added guitar and bass. We also reinserted a small melodic section from the original. I updated the lyrics at the recording stage, including a second melodic section that plays on that famous Emma Goldman quote, “If I can’t dance then I don’t want to be part of your revolution.” This was because some guy came up to us whilst we were instigating a solid dance party, blasting Cher or something, after we played this squat in Zurich, and said that he no longer thought we were ‘authentic’ because we were dancing to ‘capitalist music.’”

‘Talk of Violence’ is out November 18th via Bomber Music.

Petrol Girls have a run of shows over the next month, including a gig with Sonic Boom Six^ at The Garage and a support tour alongside Dead Kennedys*. Dates as follows.

11 Germany, Mannheim, JUZ
13 UK, Nottingham Rock City
14 UK, Bristol, Punk vs Rave
15 UK, London, The Garage^
16 UK, Southampton, WTFest
17 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Melkweg*
18 Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Rockhal*
20 Germany, Wiesbaden, Alter Schlachthof*
21 Germany, Cologne, Live Music Hall*
22 Germany, Karlsruhe, Substage*
23 Germany, Hannover, Capitol*
25 Switzerland, Zurich, Dynamo*
27 Croatia, Zagreb, Boogaloo*
29 Italy, Ravenna, Rock Planet*
30 Italy, Milan, Circolo Magnolia*

02 Germany, Munich, Backstage Club
03 Germany, Nuremberg, Desi
04 Germany, Freiburg, White Rabbit

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