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Penthouse premiere debut EP, ‘Solemn’

Penthouse are today premiering their debut EP ‘Solemn’ – check it out below, first on Upset. The release is out properly tomorrow (Friday, 2nd September), and has been in the works for about a year; they spent a long time perfecting the songs, says the band’s Ben Schulze.

“The EP touches on a variety of subjects,” he continues. “Songs like ‘Chuck’ and ‘Dreamer’ are lyrically focused on Charlie’s personal experiences in relationships, whereas others such as ‘Black Shoes’ and ‘Heatwave’ are about being tied down because of jobs/college.

“Many of the songs on this EP started off as very basic phone recordings that Charlie would send over to us in our Facebook chat. We would then develop the songs together. Some were completed quicker than others. For Example, Black Shoes was pieced together very quickly by all of us, but ‘Love Drugs’ took on many different forms before it’s finalisation. One of our favourite moments during the writing process was when Matt showed us the riff to the chorus of ‘Dreamer’ and all eyes in the room lit up.

“This EP means a lot to all of us, as it helped us find out how we best work, write and play live together. It has ultimately tightened us as a band live and in the studio. I think the main reason we love this record however, is because it was truly a group effort and we all contributed to it in our own way. We can’t thank Ricky at ‘The Clubhouse Studios’ enough for making the EP sound as awesome as it does.”

As for the future, the band have already started writing for their next release, and plan to tour later this year and early next – watch this space.

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