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‘Oh Joy’, Nervus announce new record ‘Permanent Rainbow’

Nervus have announced details of their shiny new record ‘Permanent Rainbow‘ and we’ve got ’em all here. Isn’t that convenient.

The album is coming November 4th via our pals in Venn Records and The LP Cafe and you can snag a copy here. It’s a darling mix of joyous escapism, steely reality and a lot of breath-taking moments. It’s the sort of record that makes you sit up and take notice without even trying. Check out the first track ‘Oh Joy‘ below, exclusively on Upset.

It’s lovely and uncomfortable while still being a total banger. Don’t ask us how they did it.

“It’s a real honour to have the record come out on Venn because they’ve got one of the best logos in the game and it looks really great on the back of our LPs and t-shirts,” explains the band’s vocalist/guitarist Em. “The track is about my relationship with alcohol and addiction, and how you just end up replacing addictions with other ones until you get to the real root cause of the problem. I was listening to a lot of Alanis Morissette at the time, and tried to channel some ‘You Oughtta Know’ with this because there is nothing more hairbrush-microphone righteous than a scathing break-up tune.”

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