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Nothing stream new track ‘Vertigo Flowers’

Philadelphia’s Nothing have released ‘Vertigo Flowers’ for streaming, the first song from their forthcoming album, ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’. That album is available for pre-order here.

Speaking about the track, frontman Dominic Palermo explains, “I was walking to the bank one day with a couple friends and I believed a car full of men was following me around. I walked through the parking lot and into a Walmart and hid there for a couple hours. I was experiencing a new consistent spell of vertigo that I believed may have been a direct result of a recent brain trauma and hospital stay. Everything seemed hazy and for a few weeks I was having a hard time sorting everything out. In the studio the vertigo never really stopped so a lot of the lyrics I had previously wrote for songs I decided to change because whatever was going on in my head I wanted out.”

As well as this, they’ve got a six-part documentary on their new record coming out. Given what the band have gone through since their last album (including finding out that pharma-monster Martin Shkreli funded their old label, Collect Records), it should be well worth a watch.

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