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NARCS tackle the “sickening, perverse boys-only gang of Bullingdon scum” with their new track

NARCS are this morning premiering their venomous new track ‘Bullingdon Boys’ – check it out below, first on Upset. It’s taken from their upcoming album ‘A Thinking Animal’, due out 8th July through Clue Records.

Guitarist Joe says of the song: “It’s pretty much aiming and firing on all targets at once. The title is obviously a giveaway but the misogyny, the greed, the cronyism and nepotism that we’re up to our necks in as a country – it can all be encapsulated in the sickening, perverse boys-only gang of Bullingdon scum.

“I wrote a lot of the lyrics separately from different incidents involving people I know and hold dear being treated like dirt by piece of shit misogynists, vulnerable people having their pittance taken by people who burn notes in front of homeless people for fun, press rats pushing lies to maintain their pathetic careers.

“But that’s what happens when we ‘elect’ vermin like the current lot. Burn middle England and everyone in it.”

‘Bullingdon Boys’ follows on from recent single ‘Pig’watch the video here, as premiered on Upset earlier this year. The song was released via 90 ‘Pig Crackers’ available at live shows, each containing a paper hat, joke, pig ornament and a download code.

The Leeds four-piece have a handful of festival dates planned for over the summer, catch them at:

12 Ulltra Festival

09 2000trees
23 Tramlines

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