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Muncie Girls release new track ‘Respect’

Muncie Girls have dropped another track from their brilliant upcoming debut album From Caplan To Belsize‘. Check out ‘Respect‘ below.

The track takes on rape culture and sees vocalist Lande Hekt “reading aloud some extracts from other writers (Stéphanie Genz and Laura Bates) that help express her feelings on the topic.” The fact her voice is almost drowned out further emphasises the point.

People need to make a conscious effort to encourage women to get involved [in music]. We can stop thinking about gender within music as soon as it’s all equal, and there’s a balance.”

“I’ve been writing the album slightly differently,” Lande tells Upset. “There are songs about current issues, politics, sexism and lad culture. What inspires me are negative things that I want to moan about. It’s about expressing discontent. If something is deeply distressing, you want to write about it, get it out and communicate that you’re upset about something. I couldn’t possibly tell what people will take from this album, if anything, but there are a few songs where the lyrics are supposed to be encouraging, in a political way. People standing up to things that they disagree with.”

To celebrate the release of ‘From Caplan To Belsize’ (out Friday 4th March) the band will be playing a trio of launch shows before heading out on tour with Tellison and putting in appearances at Download and 2000 Trees Festival.

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