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Moose Blood release new song ‘Sulk’

Moose Blood‘s second album ‘Blush‘ is now only weeks away. Following on from the wonderful ‘Honey‘ and the brilliant ‘Knuckles‘, the band have shared another slice of Very Good music. Check out ‘Sulk‘ below, via Fuse.

‘Blush’ is out August 5th via Hopeless Record.

Moose Blood are also on the cover of July’s Upset. You should probably grab a copy.

“We didn’t want a drastic change,” explains Eddy. “We were pretty happy with what we were doing and we enjoy the songs we were writing. We didn’t try to have a certain sound for the whole record. Us four people playing together just creates that sound.”

“We did what we did before, we just tried to do it better,” adds Mark. “Hopefully it is that natural progression and not a mad change of genre or anything like that. We weren’t trying to come out with some sort of concept or make a statement. Let’s just make a Moose Blood record and see what happens.”

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