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Milk Teeth release new track ‘Brain Food’

Hey! There’s another bangin’ new song from our January cover stars for you to wrap your ears around.

With only a few weeks to go until the release of their new albumVile Child‘ and following on from the news that founding member Josh Bannister has stepped down, Milk Teeth have released another cut from their debut.

Aired on BBC Radio 1 via Annie Mac, ‘Brain Food’ sees the band on fire. Thrashing with youthful frustration and wielding a playful stutter, the track is Milk Teeth at their most unforgiving. “Daily papers blame our generation, but you and I know that they spoke too soon. I’m stalling. Time-wasting. It’s hopeless. Frustrated.” growls vocalist Becky Blomfield before the band break down into some big, nasty instrumental hammer blows. Don’t take our word for it though, dive in below. (Skip to the 1:43:09)

‘Brain Food’ follows on from the fraught chaos of ‘Brickwork‘ and the harrowing beauty of ‘Kabuki‘ and serves only to further increase the excitement about ‘Vile Child’ being released into the world.

‘Vile Child’ is out January 22nd via Hopeless Records and the band are off on tour across Europe, the UK AND America before returning to Download Festival in June.

““When you come from a tiny little place in the countryside with not a massive amount happening, suddenly being thrown into this massive world is obviously going to inspire you in some way,” Becky explained when we headed into the studio with the band. “I’d say the songs are still very personal but obviously there are new influences because you’re travelling so much. I feel like this record is a continuation of ‘Sad Sack’ and a combination of everything we do well.”

Milk Teeth front the January issue of Upset Magazine alongside Creeper, Panic! At The Disco, Against The Current, letlive. and loads, loads more. The magazine is out next week, so preorder a copy here.

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