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It’s Men v. Food as Puppy unveil ‘My Tree’

We’ve all been there. “I can eat this many Creme Eggs”. “I can drink this much milk”. For Puppy the challenge was burgers.

“During a nine hour car journey stuck in some traffic on the way back from playing a festival, the members of Puppy got into an argument over who could eat the most cheeseburgers in five minutes. They decided to spend the remaining $40 from the festival fee on 40 burgers and settle the argument once and for all.”

Being the savvy business folk they clearly are, they also used this throwdown as the music video for shiny new Puppy banger ‘My Tree‘.

Check out the big Man v. Food-esque challenge below. Stick around for the even bigger banger that accompanies it as well.

‘My Tree’ continues the long, noble tradition of bands doing stupid things in music videos (blink-182’s ‘The Rock Show‘ and DZ Deathrays’ ‘The Mess Up‘ instantly spring to mind). It’s also the second track taken from their imminent new “mini-album” ‘Vol. II‘ which is out August 12th.

If you haven’t spent all your money on burgers, maybe pick it up?

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