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Lithuania are streaming their debut album ‘Hardcore Friends’

Philadelphia two-piece Lithuania are streaming their debut album ‘Hardcore Friends’ ahead of its release on August 14th via Lame-O Records.

The album was produced by Thin Lip‘s Kyle Pulley and Hop Along‘s Joe Reinhart and fellow bandmate Frances Quinlan lends vocals to the title track/closing number along with Rachel Brown of Field Mouse fame. Listen below then preorder the record here.

“We started writing the record in 2007. The theme of the record is loose, but it’s a chronological narrative of our deep friendship and the difficulties we’ve had in situations. I read the lyrics the other night and I was shocked at how on the nose some of it is. In my mind, the songs are like letters being written back and forth between me and Dom. We’re really trying to comfort each other in the music,” explains Erik Slick of the album in an interview with Ghettoblaster.

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