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Listen to Richa’s ‘Inhale Exhale’ EP

On August 14th, Richa are releasing their new EP ‘Inhale Exhale’ through Venn Records. It’s a superb body of work and one you’re going to adore.

But because we’re really excited for people to hear it, below you’ll find the entire EP streaming for your listening pleasure, exclusively on Upset.

Check it.

After listening to that, you’ll probably want to own the record so head this way. We asked the band a handful of questions about the release and the answers are as follows.

How are you feeling about sharing your new record ‘Inhale Exhale’ with the world?
“I’m really interested in the reaction people will have to it more then anything. It’s a record that creatively I moved on from a while ago now, so it will be nice for it to be public property rather than my property. I like the idea that once your music is out there, it isn’t yours anymore. That’s how it feels to me when we release music. I don’t have a parental complex over the music I make. The idea of ‘It’s my music you’re just listening to it,’ doesn’t sit well with me. That’s not why I write. For me once the music is out there, it’s for everyone.”

Has this record been a long time coming?
“Yeah it has been but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I think we were just waiting for all the pieces to fall into place before we released this record so we could get the best out of it. I’ve seen too many bands fall victim to their own impatience when it comes to releasing music.
Creatively the record is very much out of my system. In a way I look at the record retrospectively despite it being our latest record but that doesn’t emotionally hinder me when I play the songs now. I don’t actually find playing music cathartic at all, writing songs yes but not playing them. When I get off stage there’s no sense of release or calm. The songs are just as emotionally raw to me now as they have always been. That’s probably not very health but it’s the way it is.”

What do you want to say with ‘Inhale Exhale’?
“I’m really not interested in saying anything, trying to influence people or getting my opinion across. I think that kind of song writing is from a very different school of thought from what I do. I’m more interested in using song writing as a way to explore things that are personal to me in an honest and artistic way. Kind of like a self medicated therapy. So lyrically the music is for me, although I have no problem with it being for everyone else too. As I said earlier once the music is out thought it’s everyone’s despite how personal it is to me.”

Where does the title come from?
“The title is from a metaphor that I’m not sure if I want to go into too much detail about. I like the idea that people have to dig deep into lyrics to fully understand what the song is about. They have to earn it rather then be spoon-fed. But it comes from the song ‘Exhale” which is kind of the odd one out in terms of subject. That song is looking into the future rather than the past, which is also why it’s the last track on the record. I will say that part of the reason it’s the title of the EP is because of the opposites theme, which is something that is fully reflected in the artwork(see below). In a way you can understand just as much about the song “Exhale” from the artwork as you can from the lyrics. Which is testament to what an incredible artist Sin Eater is. Me and him worked closely to make sure the artwork was just as important to the record as the lyrics.”

There’s a strong sense of religious imagery throughout the record, any particular reason for this?
“The record really explores my childhood in a big way. I was raised Christian so biblical stories and imagery were always a part of my growing up. I wanted to use biblical imagery and stories as a kind of metaphorical layer that would flow throughout the record. The record isn’t about religion though it’s about me. All the biblical stuff is metaphorical for the very real stuff that was happening during my childhood. We have the opposites of fantasy and reality playing against each other. I’m not interested in stating my atheism in the music because despite my strong opinions on the subject it never really feels personal. It’s the same with writing about politics, sure it’s important but when you look at it honestly, it’s not truly personal is it. So when it comes to religion in the record I tried to stay pretty neutral because the record isn’t about a debate, it’s personal to me.”

And what do you want people to take away from the record?
“To be honest I want people to take away whatever they want to. As I said the music is for everyone to experience personally. If someone listens to the songs and takes away from it a meaning that I never intended and has nothing to do with what I wrote then that’s amazing. The song is that person’s song now. It belongs to them and is completely unique to them. I’d never say to someone ‘actually the song isn’t about that at all, it’s about this.’ I think that’s selfish despite the fact I wrote the song. So really take what you want from it, it’s yours now. I’ve used the songs for their therapeutic qualities already.”


If you’re Brighton based, Richa are playing a show on Tuesday 11th August. You should go.

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