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Listen to Motion City Soundtrack ft. The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years and Motion City Soundtrack have swapped singers for a split 7″ to coincide with their co-headline tour.

Tasked with writing their own lyrics and melodies without ever hearing the original, last week saw The Wonder Years debut(Sort Of) A Song For Patsy Cline‘ ft. Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack and now, the other half of the project is out.

Check out Motion City Soundtrack ft. Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell with ‘It’s (Sort Of) A Pleasure To Meet You‘, via Brooklyn Vegan, below.

“The first thing I did was go to my lyric scrapheap,” starts Dan of the process. “As I started pulling them out, I realised a lot of them were from the original cut of ‘Cardinals‘,” which sees Dan singing to someone who he feels he’s let down. Originally the song was going to feature a conversation between Dan and that person but it all got cut out and has ended up in ‘It’s (Sort Of) A Pleasure To Meet You’. “This song, to me, is the anwser to ‘Cardinals.”

Both Dan and Justin discuss the project further in the following video.

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