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Listen to Milk Teeth perform a four-track session at Maida Vale studios

Before Milk Teeth popped off to Europe (via Banquet Records) to tour with Tonight Alive, they went to Maida Vale studios to record a four-track session for Radio One’s Rock Show. They sounded incredible so check it out below.

This session was one of the first outings for Billy Hutton who stepped up after the departure of Josh Bannister. Speaking about the lineup change during their cover feature, Becky Blomfield explained “To be honest, it wasn’t a big surprise when it happened. We’d definitely seen it coming for a long time. He wasn’t happy, we weren’t happy and it had been quite a hard few months for us as a band. There was a lot of negative energy in what we were doing. It was the right decision for him and the right decision for us. I wouldn’t want him to be unhappy continuing and yeah, it’s a more positive environment since it happened. Why give up when we’ve got this far?”

“We’ve got most of the next record written, ” she continues, talking about their future. “I wrote a lot for ‘Vile Child’, Chris wrote a lot for ‘Vile Child’, Oli’s always written all his drum bits so regarding the three of us being ok music wise; we’re hungry for it. We’re motivated to keep pushing forward and keep growing. We’re not letting anything intimidate us. I’m not worried.”

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