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Listen to Fall Out Boy x Wiz Khalifa

Fall Out Boy are releasing a remixed version of ‘American Psycho/ American Beauty‘ on Friday 30th October. They’ve been teasing this release all week by drip feeding reworked tracks.

First we had ‘Irresistible (ft Migos‘). A$AP Ferg‘s collaboration on ‘American Beauty/American Psycho‘ swiftly followed alongside ‘The Kids Aren’t Alright (ft Azealia Banks)’.

Now it’s the time of Wiz Khalifa and ‘Uma Thurman‘ (the song, obviously). What do you reckon, banger or mega-banger?

Make American Psycho Again‘ is out Friday. For more on FOB’s romance with hip-hop, head here.. For an interview with the band, make sure you check out November’s issue of Upset.

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