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Listen to Creeper’s new single ‘Valentine’

Creeper are releasing ‘The Stranger‘ EP this Friday (19th February) and, what with it being Valentine’s Day yesterday, they decided to share the appropriately titled ‘Valentine‘ from it. And to think, we didn’t even send them a card.
Check it out below.

‘Valentine’ is the second track to be aired from ‘The Stranger’, following on from ‘Black Mass‘.

The EP is a sequel to 2015’s ‘The Callous Heart‘ and, “It carries on the story and introduces a new character into that world that we’ve just made,” explains Will. “The new character is called The Stranger. He represents, if The Lost Boys were The Callous Heart in our first record, this next record, The Stranger represents the crocodile who swallows the clock and he has that clock inside him. It’s time running out and it’s a million different things. We tried to make him as visually striking and as terrifying as we can because he represents all the things we fear the most. That’s what this new record is about. It’s the opposite of our first record but at the same time, it’s intrinsically linked.”

For more on ‘The Stranger’ check out the latest issue of Upset where, alongside our review of the EP, you’ll find a track by track guide from vocalist Will Gould.

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