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Listen to Creeper’s Maida Vale Session for Radio One

It seems like forever since we’ve had a chance to see Creeper play a good ol’ fashioned rock show. Luckily Radio 1 took the band, stuck them in Maida Vale Studios and made them play a live session. Check it out below.

Kicking off with ‘The Honeymoon Suite‘ the band then tore through ‘VCR‘, ‘Black Cloud‘ and a cover of Roxy Music‘s ‘Love Is The Drug‘.

“I’ve had some trouble singing today,” admits Will Gould midway through the set before smashing it. The bastard.

The band also let slip that they’re going to be releasing a brand new EP. Yup, klaxons ready.

“The new record is basically another EP and it’s our second EP on Roadrunner records and it’s kinda like a sequel to The Callous Heart,” explains Will. “It carries on the story and introduces a new character into that world that we’ve just made. The new character is called The Stranger. He represents, if The Lost Boys were The Callous Heart in our first record, this next record, The Stranger represents the crocodile who swallows the clock and he has that clock inside him. It’s time running out and it’s a million different things. We tried to make him as visually striking and as terrifying as we can because he represents all the things we fear the most. That’s what this new record is about. It’s the opposite of our first record but at the same time, it’s intrinsically linked.

“If we weren’t using any of this imagery or using any of these stories, we’d still write the same songs but this way we get to have it all link. It was really odd, when we discovered it, when we realised that it was all very similar, it was a very special thing. That is completely what we’re like, I completely relate to this. We’ve done a lot of research on it, we’ve spent a lot of our time doing it. We’re really, really excited about it. It’s just got done and it’s almost ready to go. We’re really excited.”

So are we. So should you.

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