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Listen to Brand New’s Jesse Lacey take on R.E.M’s ‘Bad Day’

Brand New’s Jesse Lacey has taken a break from being all mysterious and hype-inducing and released a cover of R.E.M’s ‘Bad Day’. Check it out below.

The track is one-half of the sixth Devinyl Split, a project set up by Kevin Devine which sees him and another artist collaborate towards a two-track 7″ vinyl. Preorders for the release kick off at 7pm GMT on March 3rd via Big Scary Monsters and Bad Timing Records.

“”R.E.M. is an all-time favorite, a blueprint band, open-hearted & mysterious, slanted, iconic, quintessentially American. They’re the first concert I ever saw – 1994, Monster tour, Nassau Coliseum – where, 15 years later, we’d open for Brand New, a very cool moment for us that was obviously way-cooler moment for them. I like that both of us chose great 2000s songs for the split & not halcyon days highlights (although I guess “Bad Day” gets an asterisk as it was kicking around unfinished/released since the late 80s). I think Jesse’s cover is super appealing, faithfully his own, and reveals the melodic/structural/stylistic traces of R.E.M. I’ve always heard in certain bits of what Brand New does. It’s also particularly appropriate lyrically given our current what-the-fuck-is-happening political disaster-in-the-making. “Broadcast me a joyful noise” – amen, amen, amen,” explains KevDev

Kevin Devine is currently working on album number nine while Brand New are set to release *something* this year. Both releases are due out on Brand New’s record label Procrastinate! Music Traitors according to this leaked but not leaked email thingy.

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