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Listen to PVRIS’ new track ‘Empty’

PVRIS release the deluxe edition of debut album ‘White Noise‘ today (April 22nd) and, alongside the mega-anthem of ‘You and I‘ and a whole bunch of engulfing, intricate music videos, comes brand new track ‘Empty‘. Check it out below.

Speaking about the track to Upset Lynn explains, “‘Empty’ was one of the tracks that we had planned to have on the record originally. It was very rock driven and really heavy, gritty and aggressive but there was something that wasn’t right with it so we completely stripped it down, left just the vocals and then built around that. We made something completely different to what we originally planned to do and this time around, it translated how we wanted it to. I’m excited for people to hear that one. It’s a very different side to PVRIS that people haven’t seen yet.”

For more on PVRIS check out our massive cover feature with the band here. They also tackle your questions in the latest issue of Upset, which you can grab here.

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