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Listen to Gun Shy’s ‘First Transmission’

Walking away from your band a few weeks before the release of their debut album is a move that requires guts, self-belief and a heady sense of self-awareness. Those necessities are threaded throughout ‘First Transmission‘, the debut release of Gun Shy, which covers the space between Josh Bannister leaving Milk Teeth and today.

The five-track EP isn’t out until May 6th but you can listen to the whole bloomin’ thing below, exclusively on Upset. Check it.

Gun Shy is Josh Bannister, Will Palmer, George Turner & Dom Wright and their ‘First Transmission’ is being released via Failure By Design, Honey Pot and Rubaiyat Records. Like what you hear? Then preorder a copy, silly.

‘First Transmission’ feels like a journey. Cogs are turning, views are shifting and the past is pitted against the present with uncertainty yet utter conviction. We got Josh to guide us through the adventure.


“This track was written as a intro, however it was recorded in two different parts. The first half was recorded in the house where we practice; we played the sample over the PA along with the drum machine and played our guitars live in the room and recorded it with one microphone, the second half was recorded in the studio. The contrast in sound between the two tracks was deliberate and the way we recorded it only helps to solidify this change, after being welcomed you are instantly thrust heavily into the new world of Gun Shy. The sample talks of the earth recycling itself and it wasn’t until now that I realise how fitting that is with a few themes that run throughout the record. Every time we go through a trauma or a tough situation to the point of breaking we then began the process of recycling ourselves.”

The Only Way

“This record lyrically covers the time between leaving Milk Teeth and starting Gun Shy it is a journal of sorts that loosely covers the things I was going through physically, mentally and spiritually. Everything dies and thus makes space for new life, with the death of Milk Teeth (for me anyway) a lot changed I moved to a new city, I got a new job, I bought a bike and I found someone new to love. ‘The Only Way’ was the safest place to put my initial doubts of whether what I was feeling was all in all correct if it was what I thought it was, that not only my world had changed but my view of the world around me was altered through the eyes of another. ”

To Leave

“The lyrics of this song were a joint effort between myself and Will, often when people collaborate on lyrics they move to fit in with the others theme. Will had the melody for the chorus and the lines ‘I’ve been losing sleep for you, now I’ll try to feel this for you’ which fit in perfectly with a themed I had touched on in a poem I wrote. Once altered this song came together almost perfectly. It is a testament to what we do for the people we love, often songs are wrote about loosing sleep over someone as if that were a bad thing, however the line ‘this is what they call euphoria’ sums up how I see the commitment you make to another. The fact that you are not only working for yourself but everything you do is now for the benefit of others and more times than not solely for them is a wonderful thing.”

Is To Leave

“This song was completely different before the bass line was wrote by the self proclaimed ‘King Of Bass’ however this gave us a chance to do something we all believe in strongly and that is use space to thin out the song and let it ride on what the main focal point is that being the Bass line. Vocally this track is very thin, not because there was nothing that fit or nothing to write about in fact the subject matter of the few lyrics that are on the track is very important to myself but we didn’t feel the need for it, we write all our songs music first and don’t touch the vocals until we are done. All of our songs must sound good without vocals and this one we believe truly does. It is a song about being lost within your own mind so broken down that you are not ‘acting how you are supposed to be’ and that there is ‘nothing there’ and you know it, but are almost choosing to ignore that fact. The lack of vocals almost re-iterates this point, vocally it flows in the same way my mind did during the time I wrote this lyrics.”

With Us

“This song is my personal favourite; it’s a far cry from my personal comfort zone. With it’s clean guitars, lush chords and flowing sections it was the song I was most nervous about. However I feel like it is the strongest song on the record, lyrically it speaks of what some may call rushing in, it is an anthem for those who come on strongly, ‘my love is calm, I mean no harm’ though my demeanour may seem excited, flippant and overwhelming the thing that is driving them is delicate, pretty and harmless if anything it could harm me more. Musically it was very satisfying to write also ending a song without a big distorted crescendo was extremely pleasing as a musician, to be able to rely purely on the dynamics of all of our playing instead of guitar pedals was extremely gratifying. The welcome being abrupt, heavy and loud you are brought out of the experience in a gentle, sweeping downfall. Much like real life, all is calm in the end.”