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Listen to ‘Black Honey’, the new song from Thrice

Thrice have released a new song from their upcoming ‘To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere‘. The track’s called ‘Black Honey‘ and we’d make a joke but we used them all on Moose Blood. Check out the track below, via NPR.

Speaking about the track Dustin Kensrue explains, “Lyrically the song spawned from an image that popped into my head; someone continually swatting at a swarm of bees to get their honey, but somehow not understanding why they would sting back in return. It seemed a fitting metaphor for much of U.S. foreign policy.”

Thrice’s ‘To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere’ is out June 17th in the UK and May 27th in the US. Glad the band are back together? That’ll be Brand New’s doing (kinda).

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