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Listen to Best of Enemies’ ‘Sorry State’

Ahead of its release this Thursday (5th May), Best of Enemies are streaming their new EP in its entirety, which is nice. You’ll have no apologies about checking out their ‘Sorry State‘ below, exclusively on Upset.

The band’s vocalist Sam Christmas (nope, we’re not saying a word) has also written a guide to the EP, so you don’t lose yourself in the sparkly riffs and blistering melodies.

Sorry State

This was the first song new song we had written after ‘All of My Mistakes’ and it sets the vibe for the rest of the EP. Lyrically, it’s about all the days I’ve wasted being drunk and hungover.

Way of Life

‘Way of Life’ is about how sick I am of the mundane day to day routine and sort a prayer for more than just rainy days and views of office desks. This was also a song that really came to life in the studio. Jason (producer) and Simon worked closely on the arrangements for this one which really made the track one of our favourites on the EP.

Call to Arms

This was the last song we finished for the EP, lyrics were co-written with Jason Wilson at Stakeout Studios where we recorded the EP. It’s generally more upbeat than the other songs and lyrically I tried to be at least a little bit more positive. I feel that this is what we’re meant to be doing, and that things are on the up.

Tired Eyes

‘Tired Eyes’ is a song that I am very proud of, it has some of my most personal and honest lyrics. I also feel that musically and dynamically it’s a slight departure from the other EP tracks. I wanted to write a song that was atmospheric and had a massive build up to close the EP and this was the result.

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