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letlive. share new track ‘Good Mourning, America’

Looks like letlive. are set to release their new album, ‘If I’m The Devil…‘ on June 10th, via Epitaph Records. If that wasn’t good news enough, they’ve also shared the first track to be lifted from the album. Check out ‘Good Mourning, America‘ below.

The artwork and tracklisting for ‘If I’m The Devil…’ look like this.

1. I’ve Learned to Love Myself
2. Nü Romantics
3. Good Mourning, America
4. Who You Are Not
5. A Weak Ago
6. Foreign Cab Rides
7. Reluctantly Dead
8. Elephant
9. Another Offensive Song
10. If I’m the Devil…
11. Copper Colored Quiet

The band (and Epitaph Records) have been teasing the announcement for a while now, sharing images of a ball of string getting up to all sorts of adventures backed by the number 6.

#IfImTheDevil #GoodMourning

A photo posted by letlive. (@letliveperiod) on

Speaking to Upset earlier this year, vocalist Jason Aalon Butler explained, “I feel there is such a drought and, I’ll go on record saying this, I feel like there are so many bands claiming that they are part of this revolutionary moment in time and they want to spearhead it, but then they get offstage and there’s no activism, there’s no proactivity. There’s no passion in what you say if you’re only saying it onstage. At times it can seem cumbersome and at times a heavy weight to carry but that’s the name of the game in revolution, that’s the name of the game in change. A lot of the people that tried to change things, that did change things, are dead.”

“That is the sad truth. That’s just the sad truth. So if you really want to be a part of it and really want to disrupt that system that you lament so heavily in your work then you need to scarily invest in something that might, I’m not going to say take your life, but push back and cause a lot of anguish. But if it’s worth it to you in the end then you keep doing it.”

letlive. tour Europe later this month. Dates as follows.

21 UK, Manchester, Sound Control
22 UK, London, The Dome
23 UK, London, The Underworld
24 UK, Kingston, Fighting Cocks
26 Netherlands, Eindhoven, Dynamo
27 Germany, Hamburg, Hafenklang
28 Germany, Cologne, MTC
30 Belgium, Meerhout, Groezrock

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