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Kagoule debut new track ‘Made Of Concrete’

Kagoule have debuted another song from their new album ‘Urth’, set for release next month.

With the full-length dropping on 21st August, ‘Made Of Concrete’ follows previously unveiled ‘Gush’ and ‘Glue’, and is streaming below.

“It came as a trapped sound in a Boss delay pedal box” guitarist Cai says. “Someone at the factory must’ve been humming in the right direction at the right time, the waves slipped through and the cardboard door sealed behind them. It journeyed over sea and land, benumbed by fear until I freed it from its torture and gave it a home (I think that’s how sound works right?) It was one of the first songs I wrote for Kagoule. I think I was 15. After the initial “Check out what this pedal can do” it hasn’t changed much, apart from the fact Lucy won the rights to sing it from me over a heated Beyblade tournament.”

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