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Johnny Foreigner’s ‘The X and the O’ is really, really ace

You’re excited about the new album from Johnny Foreigner, we’re excited about the new album from Johnny Foreigner. Basically, everyone who isn’t a complete div is excited about the new album from Johnny Foreigner.

So, cos we’re lovely – and they’re lovely too – we’re going to help you hear it. Today. In full. If you like clicking about a lot.

Tracks from the album, ‘Mono No Aware’ are across all sorts of websites and publications. We’ve got one here – the storming ’The X and the O’. Other places have different ones. It’s like a treasure hunt where you’ll be spoilt by people telling you where to go. If it was up to us we’d make you work for it. We’re mean.

Regardless of our sadistic tendencies, we’re nice enough to tell you that you can order the album, out Friday, here. And you should, because it’s awesome. Obviously, right?.

Check out some amazing artwork, words from the band, and that all important track below. What a day.


“Hello there you guys. Its been too long. Firstly I wanna thank the gods, our label, and of course the sweet folks at Upset who have been magnificent. Always. Wonderful team, a consistent pleasure to work with. (shuffles notes) Um, they tell me this has never been done before. That yr supposed to pick the one site, give them the whole record. That what we’re doing here is whimsical, goddamn impractical, and The Fans need convenient herding to the one big billboard.

They say alla this like we don’t have a glorious history of doing -impractical. We can’t even say “The Fans” without either cringing or pretending we’re writing an Oscar acceptance speech. What we’ve somehow ended up is a cross between a post-border displaced family and a really inclusive, posi clique. This spreading interjection of exclusives seems like a natural (and more fun) way to deliver our new works and it’s beyond thunderdome that everyone participating gets that, and has offered us this chance.

The 8 sites we’ve conspired with to do this, they don’t just support our band. From the backseat to the gold plated tourbus, their respective contributors devote their lives to chasing whatever that intangible spark is that makes inspiring records/artists something that brings us together. Our new album is almost here and we’re so fucking proud of it. But also, proud to still be part of this mad interwoven community of brave humans creating, chronicling, and soundtracking our futures in a time when the rest of the country wishes it could be this united and positive.”

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