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JOHN return with new EP ‘Validation’

The amazing JOHN are back with a brand new EP.

Following on from 2014’s self-titled debut, ‘Validation‘ is out November 27th via Till Deaf Do Us Party Records. Preorder it here.

The first track to be taken from the EP is ‘Palms’ which you can hear below alongside remixes from Shitwife and Pulled Apart By Horses. Dive in.

We grabbed the band for a quick chat about this song and the upcoming EP.
Upset: What inspired Palms?
JOHN: “Like with pretty much every song we’ve written, the lyrics come from the daily wander of living – things tend to jump out and interest us, a bit like finding a needle in a haystack or a fiver in a jean pocket. I suppose this track is self-reflective in this way, as it’s a song that nods to the anxiety of inspiration; written through a character who is wondering where his next idea will come from. The simple truth is our songs usually tend to develop pretty naturally from a modest idea when we’re playing together, we very rarely have a black and white plan before we plug the amps in.”

-Why did you choose Palms as the teaser for the EP?
“I’ll love to be able to say that we got three grown men, wrote the song titles on their foreheads and made them wrestle… but the sad facts are not as sensational, we had to make a choice between all the songs on the EP, and like proud parents we came to an amicable decision, and sent ‘Palms’ up the chimney first.”

-What’s the story behind the EP?
“We were both really pleased with the response to our first offering last year, so we thought we’d get straight back into recording another batch. As many people say ‘a good album is a period of time’ and I guess we followed that logic, they were the next chronological instalment of songs we had written. In this sense we thought they interlocked well – they all contain similar thoughts, interests and frustrations from that time albeit at slightly differing volumes and tempos.

“The EP title ‘Validation‘ is suppose to be read in good humour. At what point are you suppose to value yourself as a ‘proper’ musician, artist, butcher or baker? Similarly it’s been interesting to see how people are becoming accustomed to focus on numerical quantity as a judgement of quality or validation, we both think that’s pretty terrible. In our case, our name (JOHN) put an end to that long before we started – like shooting yourself in the foot before going for a long run.”

Pulled Apart By Horses and Shitwife have remixed ‘Palms’ how did that come together and how do you feel about the results?
“I think a lot of people – including us – were skeptical about the principle of remixes, especially having grown up in the glory days of CD singles, where you would often get three or four unwanted remixes after the track you actually wanted for your pocket money (This is after having paid the return child saver bus fare to Swindon). PABH and Shitwife are both bands that we have played with and they both contain some of the most friendly and genuinely talented people that we have met whilst on this jaunt. It seemed like a suitable idea to ask them to take the tracks and let them go to town on them. We hope that they will both get played at ‘indie’ nights in provincial towns over the country at some point in the near future. After all, the idea that someone might make advances towards to the opposite or same sex to these tracks is a very exciting prospect for us.”

-Anything else you want to get off your chest?
“We’ll be trying to get around both this island and further a field over the coming year – and of course you’re more than welcome to join us. In the mean time don’t be too proud and make sure you call home a bit more often. X”

JOHN have a handful of dates coming up, with plenty more to come.

07 The Kings Head, London w/ Hey Rocco and Lyger
17 A Carefully Planned Festival, Manchester


02 The Old Blue Last, London

JOHN tour

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