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Grumble Bee shares piano session of ‘Francium’

Grumble Bee, the stage name of Jack Bennet, is releasing his debut EP ‘Disconnect‘ on February 26th and today we’ve got a reworked rendition of ‘Francium‘ for you. Check it out below.

Switching out the fiery tension of the original for lush refrain, the piano session rendition of ‘Francium’ amplifies the beauty that Grumble Bee threads throughout his music.

‘Disconnect’ was written at the beginning of 2014 and recorded in Portland, USA with Kris Cummet (Sleeping With Sirens, Issues, Emarosa) last year. Grumble Bee came about after his previous band PaperPlane fell apart amidst disagreements and career paths.

“The name Grumble Bee might sound a little playful on the surface, and it sort of is, because that’s mainly what I’m used to; kids, animals, animated films and music,” explains Jack whose house also doubled as a nursery. “All my life I’ve been around that stuff and though essentially I don’t believe a name will define me, I do think something super “cool” like Black bear or something about the oceans & mountains wouldn’t personally suit me.”

“It’s also about when the kids & my 2 brothers used to call me JB(bee) & I always used to moan (I still do, just not as much), so I was trying to pair up the Grumpy, ‘Grumble’ side of me along with the more positive “JBee” side of stuff.”

That pairing is something Jack is,” half trying to get across in the songs as lyrically they’re pretty much about something emotional all the time and melodically,” they focus on big hooks and major keys.

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