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Gold Key unlock the door with debut track ‘Mess’

“That’s probably the best thing about being a new band, the freedom to do whatever you want,” explains Laurent ‘Lags’ Barnard. Best known for his work in Gallows, Krokodil and Venn Records, Gold Key isn’t what you’d expect from his latest project but everyone likes surprises, right?

The first taste of Gold Key comes in the form of ‘Mess‘. Available as a PWYW download from Bandcamp as well as via a snazzy music video below, the track blends a moody bleakness with a dash of sunshine and a whole lot of swagger. Check it out below.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with stepping out of the realm of heavy music,” he continues. “I play with James in a metal band called Krokodil and Jack drums in punk band Blackhole. Sometimes these projects just aren’t enough.” Steve Sears completes the lineup. “He produced the last two Gallows records and we quickly noticed our ideas really complemented each other. We’d also worked together on a variety of projects in the past, from remixes to reworking songs for Cartoon Network. It felt like a no brainer that we should be making our own music together.”

“We’ve been working on an album that brings in elements of Massive Attack and Mastodon,” offers Lags with Steve adding, “We’ve made a real point of going into this wide-eyed – learning instruments we’ve never played. I don’t see the point in playing music if you’re not pushing yourself and discovering things.”

Gold Key kick things off properly this November with a three-pronged live debut including a show on the Spanish Island of Tenerife. “A lot of people will wonder why our third show is in Tenerife. Believe it or not the music scene down there is out of this world. Plus where else would you want to play in November?”

Gold Key play:

05 The Horn, St Albans
16 Black Heart, Camden
26 RockStage ’16, Tenerife

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