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Future of the Left’s Falco releases ‘not a solo album’

Future of the Left/ex-mclusky frontman Andrew Falkous has today, paying no regard to release dates new or old, released his second album under the Christian Fitness name.
And before you ask, no it’s not a solo album.
‘Love Letters In The Age Of Steam’ is available to listen to/purchase this very second from Bandcamp.
[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=2062751787 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

“hello. my name is andrew falkous, and I still play guitar and sing, if that is the right word, in the band future of the left,” he explains on the aforementioned Bandcamp. “this is my second album and although I make all of the sounds (with the exception of drums, which were played by the magnificent Stuffy, and my wonderful wife who contributed a wee bassline to the chorus of ‘3 speed limiters’) it is NOT a solo album. Understood? No? Okay, we’ll just agree to disagree then, with the caveat that I’m almost certainly right.

On release (12th August 2015) the cds are NOT ready, and will not be until I’ve made enough from the download to pay to press them (going by the last release, this should take about a week or so), HOWEVER anybody purchasing the cd will receive the download immediately. As usual. I would recommend that you don’t buy individual songs but instead give me more money than I deserve for songs that you don’t really like. Did I just type that? Yes, yes I did. Hey, it’s hot and I’m disorientated.

ps. As usual let me know if you have any questions / download issues (bandcamp has been great so far, so let’s see).

pps. Vinyl? I’d love to. No plans as yet though.

ppps. If you want to review the record or play it somewhere just go ahead, within reason. No mash ups unless they’re really funny.”

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