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Dikembe premiere new song, ‘Earth Around Me’

Dikembe are streaming ‘Earth Around Me’ from their upcoming new album ‘Hail Something’ – check it out below, first on Upset. The Florida trio will release the full-length next month through Death Protector (US), Dogs Knight (UK) and Lost Boy Records (AUS), pre-order your copy here.

“‘Hail Something’ is a deeply personal record for me,” says the band’s Steven Gray. “It chronicles my 2015, which consisted of crippling depression, followed by a planned pregnancy, then baby, followed by a mental break down, and finally happiness, acceptance, and hope.

“Because it’s so personal, we wanted it to sound great. We approached quite a few labels asking for an advance, and were either turned down flat out, offered HORRIBLE deals, or given the general run around. But worst of all, no one acted like they even liked the record. It felt like protocol. It was like telling someone a life story and having them change subject.

“It made me second guess a record that I love dearly. We decided just sitting around being pissy wasn’t going to get us anywhere, so we took out a loan and made the record ourselves. ‘Hail Something’ is hands down my favorite I’ve ever been a part of, and something that I will proudly show my daughter some day.”

The album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Hail Something
2. Like an Archer
3. Earth Around Me
4. All Wrong
5. Fix
6. Shelf
7. Awful Machine
8. Creature of the Week
9. Box Springs
10. Just Explode
11. Eat

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