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Dearist back up the famous-fans’ hype with ‘Leecher’

Rock royalty approval might be one thing, but if you don’t have the songs to back it up, there’s only so far a pat on the back can get you. Luckily for Dearist, they’ve got the latter in spades. Oh, and apparently Geoff Rickly from No Devotion and Thursday is a fan. No biggy.

Streaming exclusively via Upset below, their new single ‘Leecher’ is a storming statement of intent, harking back to the breakthrough years of post-hardcore. Can’t wait ’til Reading and Leeds for that Alexisonfire reunion? Here’s your appetiser.

“This is one of the first songs we wrote for the album” explains frontman Adam Binder, referencing their upcoming debut full-length ‘This House Has No Windows’ , released 23rd October via Close To Home Records. “I had just rediscovered Deja Entendu by Brand New and I was trying really hard to write a song in the style of Jesse Lacey, so for a long time the working title was actually ‘Jesse’. It didn’t really turn out like Brand New at all in the end! It’s also one of the tracks that [guitarist, Chris] Tucker sings on too and there’s a really cool call and response section in the chorus.” Stream ‘Leecher’ below, and hit the band up on Facebook here. Pre-orders for ‘This House Has No Windows’ are available here from7pm tonight – set your alarms!

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