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Cassels share new song ‘666 Feet’

Cassels are releasing their ‘Hating Is Easy’ EP at the beginning of July and you can listen to the latest track, ‘666 Feet’ right now on Upset.

‘666 Feet’, all swaggering confidence and urgent venom, is a snarling punk turn and as the dying cries of, “We’re all lost,” try to make themselves heard over the chaos that surrounds them, Cassels make themselves known.

“I’ve been trying to think of something intelligent and articulate to say about this song, but I’ve come to the conclusion that anything I say will probably come across as preachy and unnecessary,” start the band. “If you read the lyrics it should be obvious what this song is about. And if your political views are left leaning then it should be obvious why we’re sharing this song with you now.”

Cassels have also announced a series of live dates, kicking off this Saturday at the Upset launch party alongside Milk Teeth and John. Beyond that, the Oxfordshire duo will take on T in the Park, Manchester’s A Carefully Planned Festival, Y Not and a couple of standalone shows. Dates are as follows.

20 The Old Blue Last, London (Upset launch)

08 Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds
10 The Washington, Sheffield
12 T In The Park Festival, Perthshire
15 The Old Blue Last, London
31 Y Not Festival, Derbyshire

05 The Macbeth, London

17 A Carefully Planned Festival, Manchester

‘Hating Is Easy’ is released July 6th through Big Scary Monsters and Idiot King and you can preorder it here.

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