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Caspian share ‘Sad Heart of Mine’, the first track from the upcoming ‘Dust and Disquiet’

Caspian will be releasing their fourth album ‘Dust and Disquiet’ on September 25th and they’ve given us a little taster of what’s to come, in the form of ‘Sad Heart of Mine,’ which you can hear below.

Caspian had this to say about the album.
“We are excited, proud, and as always, a little bit anxious to finally announce that our 4th full-length studio album, “Dust and Disquiet”, will be released worldwide on September 25, 2015. This record was the product of some substantial soul searching, a lot of hard work, and the desire to reclaim for ourselves what it is we all still love about music, both as individuals and as a collective unit. It’s heavy, it’s mellow, it’s intense, it’s epic – it’s a CASPIAN record. You may find a few surprises within as well.
We always try to spin some kind of story over the course of each of these records (this one clocks in just under an hour) and make concessions for the greater good in terms of the way these songs function together. Dust and Disquiet is no exception. In our opinion it flows together as a whole better than anything we’ve done yet. Come September, we’ll let you be the judge.
Album flow can make it interesting for us when presenting “singles”. At the risk of sounding pretentious, it can be like ripping a chapter out of a book and tossing it out there without context. But so it goes. To get us all started, here’s a pretty little bright spot toward the middle of the record called “Sad Heart of Mine.” It’s a ray of light in the midst of what we feel is a bit of a denser experience this time around.”

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