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Can’t Swim share new track ‘Death Deserves A Name’

Can’t Swim‘s debut EP ‘Death Deserves A Name‘ is out February 26th and, following on from the thrashing ‘Come Home‘ and ‘Your Clothes‘ swaying refrain, comes the title track. Check it out below, exclusively on Upset.

The track, arching and poignant, sees the band turning inwards but still maintains an all out lust for life. So far, ‘Death Deserves A Name’ is sheer fire so we sent over some burning questions to the band’s frontman Chris “Krier” Loporto .

So, ‘Death Deserves A Name’. What inspired the track?
Musically, it was a bunch of different riffs and ideas I had in other demos. Lyrically, it was something I always wanted to write about but no other song we had seemed fitting. Once the music was done, I realized both ideas made a lot of sense together.

Is there much of a difference between the original idea for the song and the finished version?

All of our songs go through a bit of changing from the demo to the finish product. The chorus originally had a minor progression over the same melody but we thought a major one fit the vibe of the song better.

-When did you know it would be the EP’s closing track?
Even though it isn’t a full length, we wanted the EP to be as cohesive as possible. The slower tempo and repetitive nature of the bridge made it feel pretty different from the rest of the songs. From the very first demo, I envisioned it at the end.

It also shares a title with the EP, what does the phrase ‘Death Deserves A Name’ mean to you?
I think its a good synopsis of what the entire EP is about. I’d like to think that those words can be interrupted in different ways and can be fitting for different situations. But to me personally, its about the regret of taking a life away before it was even given the chance to have a name.

It’s the last song of the record, What do you want people to take away from it?
It speaks of an event that many of us have experienced. I hope it makes people realize that they aren’t the only ones that have gone through it, and find some solace in that fact.

Anything else you want to get off your chest?
I hope to be writing happier songs in 2016.

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