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Candy Hearts debut new acoustic EP with ‘In And Out’

Candy Hearts are streaming the first track from their new EP ‘Acoustic Hearts’ – a five-song collection of stripped down tracks set for release this July.

‘In And Out’, premiered on Billboard, was inspired by a conversation on a trek across America.

“We were driving overnight from somewhere in the southwest and I was freaking out like I wouldn’t be able to get enough sleep,” frontwoman Mariel Loveland explains. “I turn to my friend and he’s just like, ‘Mariel, what exactly is worrying about being tired doing for you? Will being tired change your life? Look at what you’re missing as you complain. The sun is rising right now over the desert and you’ve never seen that before. You’re here with your friends and you get to watch it, so just look. Be here, be present, just look and don’t worry about things that don’t matter.'”

The EP also features another new song, ‘I Want To Hate You’, and acoustic versions of ‘Brooklyn Bridge’, ‘Top Of Our Lungs’ and ‘Something’s Missing’ from most recent album ‘All The Ways You Let Me Down’.

Check out ‘In And Out’ below.

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