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Brawlers release cover of ‘God Gave Rock and Roll to You’

Brawlers have released a cover of the KISS cover of the Argent track ‘God Gave Rock and Roll to You‘.

[bandcamp width=700 height=792 track=4144908315 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

Available as a pay-what-you-can download, all the money raised will be donated the mental health charity MIND.

Speaking to Upset earlier this year, Harry George Johns candidly explained the difficulties of being in a band.
“There’s a struggle there every day,” he admits. “We’re playing shows that are mentally draining, physically exerting. You make friends and lose friends in a heartbeat from how you act on that particular night and I don’t know any other scenario like that. It’s like going to a job interview every day; if you fuck it they’re not going to give you the job. I can’t have a bad day.

““We are all very up and down characters in our personal lives but we all understand the importance of giving it 115% every time we play,” he shares. “We all have anxiety, depression and all the other things that every human being in the world has. We all suffer with that in our own way but we all have an agreement that we should be on the same page for half an hour every day, that seems fair to me. If you want a job where you’re allowed off days, go work in a factory.”

“The rewards far outweigh the cons of this job,” appeals Harry. “We are, generally speaking, really nice positive human beings. The songs are self-referential to the point of self-deprecation. If I can laugh at some of the awful things that have happened in my life, then people should seek solace in the fact I’ve gone through it. If they’re going through a shitty time and they feel like a worthless piece of shit, or they feel like they’ve missed out on the romantic errors of their youth then what’s better than to look at me. If I can sing about it, you can get over it.”

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