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Balance and Composure share new track ‘Afterparty’

Balance and Composure have shared another track from their forthcoming album ‘Light We Made’.

Titled ‘Afterparty’, it’s a bit closer to what we’d expect than first cut ‘Postcard’, but still not entirely down the line.

“I think it’s comical how much of a stir the electronic drums in “Postcard” caused. To the point where people just assumed I had left the band. It didn’t even occur to some that we just wanted to try something new,” says drummer Bailey Van Ellis about the reaction to “Postcard.” “I think that in itself shows how close-minded some people are when it comes to listening to certain types of music they normally wouldn’t.”

You can check out ‘Afterparty’ below. ‘Light We Made’ is out on October 7th.

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