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The Autumn Ravine stream their ”An Intrinsic Evolution’ EP

Summer’s pretty much here but that hasn’t stopped The Autumn Ravine from bringing golds, reds and oranges with their ‘An Intrinsic Evolution‘ EP.

Now, the release isn’t out until Monday 13th June (because who needs International Release Day, right?) but you can hear the whole ruddy thing this very second, exclusively on Upset. Dive in below.

Lovely, yeah?

To go alongside the record, The Autumn Ravine have crafted a track-by-track guide to give their already deep explorations even more depth. We’ll let the band’s Damon Griffiths take it from here.

‘Cold Blooded’ – This song in its most basic sense is written about growing up, becoming an adult and feeling that you do not truly understand the world outside your window. I feel that most people nowadays are so focused on being successful that they forget about the important things in their life like knowledge, friends, family and the experiences you share with them. People spend their whole lives completely focused on reaching the front of the rat race, once they are there people often find that they are alone, and if they fail have a tendency to end up suffering from alcoholism/drug abuse. This pressure to do well in life drives people into depression. No grand properties, cars and other luxurious items can be exchanged for true happiness, the only commodity that can is time being exchanged with your family and friends.

‘Narcissus’ – ‘Narcissus’ is written about a modern interpretation of the Greek mythological character Narcissus, who (in some versions of the tale) drowned himself when he laid eyes upon his own reflection on a pond. He drowned because he admired his own appearance so much he fell in love with it and was unable to let it go. It’s written about someone I once knew who became obsessed with social media status, appearing wealthy, the need to be what society deems as beautiful and ultimately herself, to the point in which she pushed me out of her life for not being up to this social standard.

‘The Socratic Method’Socrates once said that “The unexamined life is not worth living” It was this quote that inspired me to write these lyrics. This song is ultimately about ignorance and people unwillingness to learn. While this topic is subjective, I find it incredible that people are content with the mundane life consisting of going to work, then going home from work, to then go back to work and completing this processes until their retirement without ever feeling the need to travel and educate themselves on modern civilisation and the natural world. This song is essentially a statement explaining that there is more to life than working until you are dead.

‘Epilogue’ – ‘Epilogue’ is a song written completely by our guitarist Alby Wallbank about his father passing. It’s the 2nd in a series of songs about this topic. This song is incredibly personal to him, and we are honoured to be able to work alongside him writing it and hear the final product as he envisioned it.

‘Saganism’Carl Sagan the American scientist/cosmologist is and has been over the past few years a great source of inspiration to me. His book ‘Blue Pale Dot: a vision of the human future in space’ is my all time favourite read, this along with other books has heavily contributed towards my basic understanding of the cosmos and the many religious/atheistic and political ideologies that come with it. I was deeply moved discovering that biologically we are connected to all the fauna and flora covering the globe via a common ancestor and atomically we are related to all the stars branched out across the cosmos. While this knowledge is inspiring it can naturally be quite daunting, as it puts the human mind into perspective and gives it a realistic understand of its position within the universe. This song for me personally is about taking an optimistic standpoint, despite the natural and technological disasters that could potentially lead to the extinction of our species and that we can’ t look for help elsewhere (In the form of deity.) I believe Carl nailed it when he said “If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal”

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