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Architects have the ‘Phantom Fear’

Just days after dropping brand new track ‘DownfallArchitects have debuted another new cut from the imminent ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us‘. Check it out below.

The band’s seventh album is out this Friday (27th May) and according to vocalist Sam Carter, sees the band play to their strengths. “A lot of people were maybe expecting us to go a little bit softer. We just really wanted to do the opposite of that. We know we’re good at being a heavy band and we want to continue being heavy.”

“It would have been very easy to go in and do a regular Architects record,” he continues. “We could have gone in and done the basic things that we could do to make it sound good but there’s no point in that, because you’re left with that for the rest of your life. We went in there, drove ourselves crazy for seven weeks, lost our minds over the tiniest bits, sat there, said this wasn’t good enough and did it again and again. There’s no way we could follow up ‘Lost Forever…’ with ‘Lost Forever… Part 2’ because that record was so special to people and to us. The exciting thing for us was that we got bigger through just being the band we wanted to be, always. For the past couple of years, it’s just been a laugh. ‘How the fuck is this happening?’ We’ve been a band for ten years, we’ve slogged our arses off around the world non-stop and all of a sudden we released ‘Lost Forever’ and it went crazy.”

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