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Against Me! share live version of ‘Pretty Girls’

With the band set to release their ’23 Live Sex Acts’ album very soon, today Against Me! have shared ‘Pretty Girls’ from it.

“‘Pretty Girls’ was a song originally recorded for our 2005 album ‘Searching for a Former Clarity’,” Laura Jane Grace tells Exclaim! who are hosting the track. “When it was originally written I felt like I had to change some of the original words to mask the true meaning of the song, which is about what it’s like wanting something simple like intimacy, to be close with someone, but feeling like there’s something that holds you back from ever really being able to, which in my case was gender dysphoria. When we first released the song I never enjoyed playing it live, so it never really made it into the set list. Years later we started playing the song again, but this time with the true meaning more apparent with just a simple change to change to a couple of lyrics “You wouldn’t think something like gender identity would complicate something like asking for some company.” The song became a staple of our set for all of the touring we did in support of ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’.”

Speaking to Upset recently, Laura Jane Grace explains, “There’s other songs like that where there’s been slight changes. It’s interesting because over the years you’ll fall in and out of love with songs of your own. Sometimes you really enjoy playing a song and others you’ll get burnt out. Maybe that’s from overplaying them or you just don’t feel the same way or your having a hard time connecting with whatever that emotion was. Sometimes a songs meaning will totally change for you and the emotion behind it, the emotion you play it with, will change. A lot of the time it’s totally unpredictable what those songs are and it’ll surprise you when a song comes back around. ‘Wow, this song feels really relevant to me again. It didn’t four years ago but now it does’.”

Against Me! are currently on a short run of dates around Europe that conclude with mainstage slots at Reading & Leeds Festival(!!!).

For more from Laura Jane Grace, make sure you check out the September issue of Upset which is out on Friday 21st August.

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