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‘Suzanne’ sees Creeper reaching scary new heights all over again

People were going to be excited for new music from Creeper regardless. There’s been a growing expectation about just what the art punks from Southampton were going to do with a full-length canvas to play with from the word go. But then the band went and disappeared. Teasing clues, launching treasure hunts and generally amping everything up, this was only ever going to go one of two ways. Luckily Creeper have always had more talent than hype and their blockbuster return dwarfs the fanfare that surrounded it.

Taking a little sprinkle from their heart-on-the-sleeve past but cutting it with their own determined vision ‘Suzanne’ sees Creeper reaching scary new heights all over again. Snarling and built for mass participation but doused in young romance and a touch of magic, the track walks all the lines but pays attention to none.

The song, the first from the band’s upcoming debut, is full of ambition and sky-high dreaming but there’s a devil-may-care shrug to every pointed finger and heartfelt promise. It captures the same view as “The Callous Heart’ and “The Stranger’ only this time, the horizon is clear and the band are looking out.

From the “up and out the window before anybody hears” through the ask of “can music save your mortal soul?” and off into the cry of “let’s make a list of demands,” ‘Suzanne’ sees Creeper still born to run but they’re now aware of the footprints that followed them leave. It doesn’t matter though. That future? They want it now.